Human trafficking investigator helps city develop action plan

Human trafficking investigator helps city develop action plan

Members of the Safe Streets C​​​oalition learned about the realities of human trafficking and how they can help combat it in Shawnee county.

International investigator on human trafficking and journalist, Christine Dolan has seen almost everything in her 18 years on the job.

Now she’s in the capital city collaborating with Freedom Now USA, an organization whose goal is to stop human trafficking in the United States. Together, they are developing an action plan to identify and stop human trafficking in Topeka.

“In most communities in the United States, they’re not doing this model,” said Dolan. “You’re bringing community leaders together that have worked together and have built coalitions together in the past, and so here you’re tackling something going upstream on the prevention side of it, rather than downstream.”

Executive Director of the Topeka Rescue Mission and Freedom Now USA, Barry Feaker says that Dolan’s extensive knowledge and experience can give community members the tools they need to help tackle the issue.

“She’s here for off and on for the next several months to help us develop a system to be able to understand what human trafficking really looks like here, to be able to uncover its systems and to be able to come up with a plan on how we’re going to be able to address it in the community,” said Feaker.

Over the next year, the effort will consist of more than 100 people from all sectors of the community to learn how human trafficking works.