After Win, Newsom Looks to ’24, Scrapping Recall Law

Hours after it was clear Tuesday evening that California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom had survived the nationally watched recall election by 2-to-1, then both Democrats and Republicans began talking about the future.It is now taken for granted that, should President Joe Biden not seek reelection in 2024, Newsom will be a candidate for the White House.The triumphant governor, who carried the historically Republican bastion of Orange County with 53 percent, is soon expected to make visits to Iowa and New Hampshire — site of the first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses and primary, respectively, in ’24.”Team Newsom,” which steered him toward his big win in the Tuesday balloting, is reportedly very big on the governor seeking the presidency.Among those in his inner circle are longtime strategist Averell ”Ace” Smith, campaign manager Juan Rodriguez (who also managed the brief presidential campaign of Vice President Kamala Harris in 2020), and former communications director Nathan Click.With two-thirds of the seats in both the state Assembly and Senate, Democrats are expected to make a move on either reforming or scrapping altogether the recall election which Newson has just undergone.The Golden State’s unique system for taking out unpopular elected officials has been on the books since progressive Republican Hiram Johnson was elected governor in 1910. Under the recall mechanism, voters are presented with a list of alternative choices to governor and the top vote-getter of that list becomes governor if the incumbent is recalled.The same rule of ”top vote-getter wins all if official is recalled” applies to all other officials in California if enough signatures are gathered to force a recall election.Although Democrats controlled the state Legislature after the last gubernatorial recall in 2003, they did not move against the recall mechanism. With then-Democratic Gov. Gray Davis removed and replaced by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, Democrats concluded they did not have a mandate for such a change in the law.

Now, however, there is a strong case that Newsom has a mandate and it’s time to reform the recall law. 

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