Ben Carson to Newsmax TV: Americans Need to Pay Attention to Biden’s Actions

Ben Carson to Newsmax TV: Americans Need to Pay Attention to Biden’s Actions

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson told Newsmax TV he implores Americans to do one thing now that a new administration has begun its work.

“Pay attention to what’s going on,” Carson told host Grant Stinchfield on Friday’s ”Stinchfield.” “Remember what’s happened over the last four years. How the economy just skyrocketed because of the policies, removing all of those regulations, letting people spend their own money, determine their own way. 

“Those are the things that had a very, very rapid ameliorating effect on America.”

Carson, the retired neurosurgeon turned 2016 presidential candidate, tweeted his thanks to former President Donald Trump on Wednesday for allowing him to serve in the administration.

Just two days later, Carson was asked how it felt to see much of the Trump administration’s work being undone by Biden’s executive orders.

“Well, there’ll be a lot of things that will not be able to be torn apart and we need to concentrate on those,” he said. “I hope people are paying very close attention because you see two very distinct philosophies on how things should be run.

“When this country was created, it was created as a place where there would be individual freedoms. Where you could live your life the way you wanted, you could believe what you wanted, you had religious freedom, as long as your rights didn’t impinge upon the next person’s rights.”

Carson sounded as if he was counting on Americans to get turned off eventually by Democrats’ polices.

“There’s always been a group who’s felt that the government should be in charge,” Carson said. “That true Utopia is a place where you give government full power from cradle to grave and they take care of you.

“But that has never been the thing that worked to make America into a great nation.”

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