Big City Mayors Leaving Office After COVID, Mass Protests

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, major financial problems, race reckoning, and the movement to defund the police have caused a growing number of big city mayors look for new careers. They are citing burnout and a feeling of being blamed for problems far beyond their control, according to Politico.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan will not seek a second term even though she has many years of experience in politics having served as a federal prosecutor. Washington state was hit hard and early by COVID and Durkan was unprepared for the tremendous challenges of running a city during a pandemic. She was faced with pandemic surges and demonstrations over police brutality. For her, it was like running an Ironman at a sprint pace.

“When you’re in the cauldron, making those tough decisions, it becomes much more clear. I could either do the job they elected me to do or run to keep the job. But I couldn’t do both,” Durkan, a Democrat and daughter of Martin Durkan, a state legislator and power broker in Washington state, told Politico.

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