Blaine Holt to Newsmax: Chinese Balloon ‘Probably Collecting Intelligence’

Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt told Newsmax Friday that the Chinese high-altitude balloon currently traversing the continental United States is probably “collecting intelligence” for the People’s Republic of China and should be shot down.

“We absolutely understand that it’s probably collecting intelligence,” Holt said during “Rob Schmitt Tonight” Friday. “We don’t know the entire scope of the threat for this exact balloon; and right now it’s heading towards Washington, D.C., and it’s terrible. I would welcome defense officials to go pop a couple of rounds into the balloon and let it come down, and let’s put this thing on the ground.”

Pentagon officials told the The Associated Press Thursday that the balloon, believed to be from China and gathering intelligence over the United States, was initially spotted by the military over military areas in Montana and has been monitored for the past several days.

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