Conservatives Welcome Fauci’s Vow to Quit if Trump Elected

When Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Adviser to President Joe Biden, said on Sunday he’d leave the job if it meant working for a second term of President Donald Trump, a lot of prominent conservatives said that was A-OK with them.

Fauci was interviewed Sunday on CNN by Jim Acosta, who asked him, “If Trump were to return to the White House as president, and COVID is still a threat or there is some other public health emergency, would you have confidence in his ability … to deal with a pandemic of this nature? Would you want to stay on in your post?”

“Well, no to the second question,” Fauci responded. “The first question, if you look at the history of what the response was during the administration, I think at best you could say it wasn’t optimal. And I think just history will speak for itself. I don’t need to make any further comment about that, it’s not productive.”

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