Donald Trump Jr. to Newsmax TV: Voters Want President Like My Father

Donald Trump Jr. to Newsmax TV: Voters Want President Like My Father

Donald Trump Jr. told Newsmax TV on Saturday night the enthusiastic reaction to his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference event shows the nation’s voters want a president like his father who is willing to fight for them and engage them.

“Donald Trump is 100% in charge of the Republican Party and the conservative movement going forward,” Trump Jr. told “The Count,” adding, if there is a schism in the party, it is from politicians such as those involved in the Lincoln Project, or through lawmakers like Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., or Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, who are the links to that “old GOP that told you what you wanted to hear but never went to bat. They never went to fight for you.”

“We can’t allow the establishment in D.C. to fund them, to support them, to help them get reelected so that they can keep doing what they have done for the conservative movement, which is absolutely nothing,” Trump Jr. said.

Meanwhile, he said his father, when delivering the keynote address Sunday night, will likely be discussing his own successes and outlining President Joe Biden’s “disastrous first 37 days” in office.

“We’re already back in wars, sending missiles into the Middle East,” Trump Jr. said.

He also attacked Republicans who say the party needs to split from his father as “morons.”

“I think they’re on the dole from the Washington, D.C., elite and the Washington, D.C., establishment,” Trump Jr. said. “There are those people; there’s a few.

“The Republican party has never been this united, but that doesn’t mean there are 10 or 12 actors that are going to be bad because they’ve been able to manipulate that former system really well to make themselves really rich to get on board seats once they retire.”

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