Emporia group fills care packages for Kansas soldiers

Emporia group fills care packages for Kansas soldiers

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Soldiers from Kansas will soon be getting a gift thanks to the kind people of a local town known for honoring veterans.

A small group of people led by Dianne Tebbetts met at an Emporia VFW on Saturday morning to make sure soldiers know there are people thinking of them.

More than 40 care packages will soon be heading out to Kansas members of the military serving overseas. They include items like toiletries, books, playing cards, American flags, and a wide array of food.

“It makes me feel good that I’m not the only one in this community that cares about about our men and women,” Tebbetts said.

She said before the “packing party” on Saturday, she gathered the items, many of which were donated by Emporians.

“When it comes from the heart, the community itself, I think to me, means more than me sending a box to just one individual,” Tebbetts said.

She had about five others helping her pack the boxes, including Nane Weaver, a marine veteran.

Weaver fondly remembers the feeling of receiving packages and sharing them with with his friends, no matter what condition they came in.

“The cookies were crumbs,” Weaver said. “Packaging and shipping back then was a little rough, but you know what, they were still delicious, we had a great time.”

He said his favorite part of packages is the beef jerky. Weaver said he’s glad to help out soldiers that are in the same shoes he used to be.

“It’s a great thing to receive packages from home, and it doesn’t matter if it was somebody else, it just means somebody cares,” Weaver said.

Tebbetts organized the “packing party.” unlike a regular party, she preps with items like toiletries, food, books, and American flags.

The boxes will be sent to soldiers so they can receive them in time for Veterans Day. In each box, there is a card that indicates they are coming from Emporia, the founding city of the holiday.