Kinzinger Honored to Be on ‘Losing Choke Artist’ Trump’s Enemies List

Kinzinger Honored to Be on ‘Losing Choke Artist’ Trump’s Enemies List

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., on Monday said that he doesn’t mind being “on the enemies list of a losing choke artist,” after former President Donald Trump said he should be ousted from the Republican Party on Sunday.

Trump, during his Conservative Political Action Conference speech on Sunday, named Kinzinger as one of many Republicans that he said should be forced out of the GOP.

In an interview with Kinzinger on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, host Joe Scarborough said, “Donald Trump putting you on his enemies list, I think for a lot of people that should be a badge of honor.”

The congressman replied, “Well, it is,” adding, “I’d rather be on the enemies list of a losing choke artist, you know, who failed to win an election that, frankly, had he just managed even halfway decently anything, since he was an incumbent, he probably could have won. It’s not a bad enemies list to be on.”

The Illinois Republican went on to comment on Trump’s CPAC address, saying, “Quite honestly, I think what you can see in that speech yesterday was recycling old talking points, you know, just stream of consciousness. And I think it’s obvious there is no vision from Donald Trump. There’s no desire to paint a vision.”

Kinzinger added, “All he really desires is to stand in front of a crowd and be adored and he got that in ample amounts yesterday. But, I don’t think that shows that he’s really going to be any serious growing force going forward.”

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