Luke Bryan Assists Woman Whose Tire Blew Out on Road

Luke Bryan is being hailed as a true Good Samaritan after he stopped to assist a mother-of-two whose tire blew out on the road. 

Courtney Potts was stunned when the country music star pulled over to help. She explained to WKRN that she had been driving to her parent’s house in Tennessee on Sunday when the blowout forced her to stop on the side of the road. Potts’ own jack was bent and, unable to change the tire, she had to wait for help. It was not long before Bryan drove by and decided to stop.

“He was like ‘hey I almost hit you! This is a really bad road, we’ve got to get out of this curve,'” Potts said.  “I’m not one of those to be like ‘oh my god it’s Luke Bryan!’ I was just trying to be cool, and I didn’t want to make him feel awkward.” 

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