Nunes to Newsmax: Hillary Lawyer Part of Bigger Conspiracy to Get Trump

Michael Sussmann, the Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer on trial this week for lying to the FBI over claims the 2016 Trump campaign was involved in collusion with Russia, was only part of a larger effort to target the GOP nominee, Devin Nunes, the CEO of Trump’s social media platform, tells Newsmax.

“I think, real simply, that Sussmann is just a small slice of what actually happened here of the grander conspiracy,” Nunes said Monday on “Spicer & Co.”

The grander story, he told co-host Sean Spicer, was that after the election “Sussmann just has to go and go one more step and go into the FBI and other intelligence agencies and say, hey, “I’m not working for anyone. I’m just here just to be helpful. And, oh, look, look at all these Trump associates and Trump computers that are talking to Russia.”

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