Rep. Burgess Owens: States ‘That Allow the Life of Children’ ‘Will Be Blessed’

With the Supreme Court seemingly poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, Rep. Burgess Owens, R-Utah, told Newsmax on Friday: “We are in a remarkable time in history.”

“Fifty years after these guys in robes decided it’s OK to kill babies the way they have, we’re finally in a position where it can go back to we, the people, where it should be,” Owens said on “The Chris Salcedo Show.” “Every state should decide, based on the representation that’s there, how we should proceed on that.”

Since the leak of the draft opinion at the beginning of the month that revealed the court is likely to overturn the 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade, which established a federal right to abortion, there has been much speculation about what a post-Roe future would look like.

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