Rep. Chris Stewart to Newsmax: FBI’s Initial Statement on Terrorist Standoff Erodes Trust

The initial vague statement of an FBI agent about the possible motive for the Texas synagogue terrorist standoff is a “chink” in the trust Americans have for the institution by not immediately calling it a terrorist attack, according to Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, on Newsmax.

“I hear all the time people saying, ‘I don’t trust the FBI, would never talk to an FBI agent; I would never talk to any investigators from the FBI without my attorney present,'” Stewart told Monday’s “Spicer & Co.” “And that’s something we’ve seen, obviously, primarily beginning with Russian investigation and some of the just incredibly poor, malicious leadership that we witnessed at that point.”

A Muslim British national, who came to the United States a couple of weeks ago, entered the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, during Sabbath services Saturday and took four Jewish congregation members hostage at gunpoint to seek the release of an imprisoned terrorist serving 86 years for trying to kill two American soldiers in Afghanistan, CNN reported.

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