Rep. Rob Wittman to Newsmax TV: Stand with Israel

Rep. Rob Wittman House R-Va., a member of the House Armed Services Committee, called the Biden administration’s reaction to the violence in Israel as “silence,” which he equated with “inaction.”

Appearing on Newsmax TV, Wittman told “Spicer & Co.” that President Joe Biden’s approach “is not diplomacy. Silence, when you see what’s happening in these attacks against Israel, silence is inaction.”

Wittman’s comments echo in his letter to Secretary of State Tony Blinken, “Instead of standing alongside our ally, Israel, President Biden considers only taking pressure off Iran but providing them with billions of dollars in sanction relief. Iran could then use these billions of dollars to fund Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, even as they attack our ally and attempt to escalate conflict between Israel and Palestine. The longer President Biden considers this weak and misguided course of action, the more it emboldens terrorists in the region, thereby placing Israeli and Palestinian civilians’ lives in greater danger.”

The current conflict in Israel, the congressman says, stems from Iran’s support of Hamas. “The bottom line is,” Wittman states, “Iran is not trustworthy. We’ve learned that. We’ve seen that if you give into Iran, they are not going to change their course. They’re going to continue to support proxies in the region like Hamas, who go after Israel. They are going to continue to use the resources that we free up through lifting of sanctions or allowing the assets that they have abroad to now be utilized. They will use that to support organizations like Hamas.”

In light of Biden asking Israel for a ceasefire, the congressman concluded on a stark point, “why would you ask Israel not to defend itself?”

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