Sen. Blackburn to Newsmax TV: I’ve Been Called Neanderthal Before

Sen. Blackburn to Newsmax TV: I’ve Been Called Neanderthal Before

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., shot back at critics who mocked her criticism of President Joe Biden calling states that ended mask mandates as ”Neanderthal,” pointing out that she’s been called the name before.

Appearing on Newsmax TV on Friday, Blackburn related her appearance on Fox News a day earlier in which she said it can be a badge of honor to be called a Neanderthal.

The phrase had a special meaning for her, she said, after being dubbed prehistoric 20 years ago for opposing a state income tax in the Tennessee Legislature.

”So, we decided to form the Neanderthal caucus,” Blackburn said on the ”The Chris Salcedo Show.” ”We fought back. We talked about what Neanderthals were, made up T-shirts. So we can say, ‘We’ve got the T-shirt. We’ve been there. We’ve got the T-shirt.’

”The thing that is so neat, after this exchange yesterday, with Biden calling those of us that don’t agree with him Neanderthals, there are people in Tennessee that found their 20-year-old T-shirts and started putting them online, saying ‘Proud member of the Neanderthal caucus.”’

On Fox, Blackburn ridiculed Biden for intending to insult the states that ended the mask mandates.

”Neanderthals are hunter-gatherers,” she said. ”They’re protectors of their family. They are resilient. They’re resourceful. They tend to their own. So I think Joe Biden needs to rethink what he is saying.”

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