‘The Age of the Strongman’ Chronicled Before It’s Over

In what is both a compelling and controversial work on events and personalities of our times, Financial Times Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator Gideon Rachman vividly chronicles some of the recent and more colorful world leaders in “The Age of The Strongman.”

In many ways, Rachman is the lineal heir to U.S. political correspondent John Franklin Carter and The Age Of The Strongman a contemporary version of Carter’s 1935 work American Messiahs. Writing under the pseudonym “The Unofficial Observer,” Carter’s “Messiahs” characterized such political powers on the left and right in the U.S. as Georgia Gov. Gene Talmadge, “Radio Priest” Father Charles Coughlin, Socialist gubernatorial candidate and author Upton Sinclair of California, and, of course, Louisiana’s Sen. Huey P. Long.

Rachman’s “messiahs” are on the world stage. Donald Trump (U.S.), Viktor Orban (Hungary), Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel), Norendra Modi (India), Rodrigo Duterte (Philippines), and even heavy-handed African leaders such as Rwandan President Paul Kagame all come to life through Rachman’s pen and from his years of covering most of them personally and up close.

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