Try the Skin Pinch Test to See If You Need More Fluids

Scorching temperatures spell danger in many parts of the country that are under heat advisories. The heat index has risen to over 100 degrees in Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, and several other states.

This can lead to dehydration, a potentially deadly condition. According to Today, you can do a skin pinch test to see if you are dehydrated and need more fluids. A verified TikTok user identified as Dr. Karan Raj, a surgical physician from the U.K, posted a video of how to perform the test.

You simply grab some skin on one of your finger knuckles and pinch for a moment. If you are well hydrated, when you release the skin, it will return to its original position. But if you are dehydrated, the skin loses its elasticity and will stay in a tented-up position, says Raj.

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