Solar Eclipse Glasses Recalled Include Those Distributed By This Station

A lot of the special eclipse glasses are being recalled across the country. Among the recalled glasses are the ones you may have received from this station.

The glasses were distributed at the KSNT and Cumulus Studios and are branded with “The Gifted” logo on the front of the glasses, along with the Fox 43 and V100 logos on the side.

We’ve received information from the distributor that further testing is needed to verify that the glasses meet safety standards.

“Unfortunately due to the time-span we are now unable to carry out these tests before the eclipse this coming Monday,” the distributor said in an email to KSNT News. “Therefore we recommend that customers do not use the glasses.”

Before distributing the glasses to the public, KSNT and Fox 43 along with Cumulus asked and received a copy of the ISO certification, which is now being questioned by the distributor.

“Like any good online distributor we use only trusted suppliers that have either good history with ourselves, or have been recommended via our trade association. These rules were adhered to when supplying the custom Eclipse Glasses,” the distributor said. “After recent discussions with our supply chain they have confirmed that the goods meet their standards. However, due to issues with the product’s certification, we have decided that we would like to carry out our own tests to give our customers extra peace of mind.”

The new recall takes place just after a large recall of glasses from

For information on safe eclipse viewing, seek a resource such as the American Astronomical Society.

KSNT News contributed to this report.