Could KSNT Go Off The Air On Cable TV In Topeka?

If the Kansas City Chiefs play on KSNT during the playoffs, and you have Cox Cable, you may have to find somewhere else to watch the game. 

According to the KSNT website, there is a chance that the NBC affiliate, along with KTMJ, the Fox affiliate, could be taken off the Cox Cable lineup on January 1st of the new year. Cable companies have to pay to carry not only cable channels, but over the air channels like KSNT.  Right now, both sides are negotiating, but according to

We have been negotiating in good faith to establish a mutually agreeable contract with Cox, proposing fair and reasonable terms for your local NBC station.  Unfortunately, our efforts have been thwarted by what appears to be a strategy of unrealistic proposals and outright delay by a distributor willing to hold its paying subscribers hostage because it won’t agree to pay a fair price for your local NBC station.”

This doesn’t mean that you are out of luck if you have Cox Cable. There is the old fashion way to watch TV, and that is with an over the air antenna. You could also subscribe to Dish Network, DirecTV, or ATT Uverse if you are able to get any of those carriers. Hopefully this situation can be solved before the end of year, so people who have Cox Cable can watch The Voice.