Say Goodbye To The Kansas ExpoCentre

When you drive on Topeka Blvd, there is something very different. Something that has been named since it first opened in 1987 will now be called something different.

Today the company that runs the Kansas Expocentre, Spectra, announced a 10 year partnership with Stormont Vail Health to rename the facility to the Stormont Vail Events Center. According to the press release:

“The agreement, approved by the Shawnee County Commissioners, includes major exterior and interior signage, a Mothers Room, and brand recognition in all advertising for the facility.”

They also have changed the domain name of the website. It is now www.stormontvaileventscenter.comThe complex just started their $48 million dollar renovation project, which includes upgrades to Landon Arena, Exhibit Hall and the Domer Livestock Facility.

Here is what the new building will look like when it is all finished:

Stormont Vail Events Center