Local Non-Profit Making Sure Kids Not at School Receive a Lunch

When kids are out of school unexpectedly, parents have many things that they have to juggle. Where are they going to go? Can someone else watch them? It is never easy.

Some parents are struggling to put food on the table. That means when their child does not go to school for an extended period of time, that is an added expense. An expense that can cripple a budget of a family.

This is where The Salvation Army comes in. They are going to be donating sack lunches to kids who won’t be receiving a lunch while schools are closed. Here is some of the info from their press release:

“During these uncertain times, The Salvation Army of Topeka is stepping up to make sure school-age children in need will receive a meal during the day they won’t receive while schools are closed. Beginning today through Friday, the 27th, a Salvation Army Canteen and volunteers will hand out 150 sack lunches at each of three stops in Topeka.

The schedule is as follows:
11:30 to 11:50 AM: Timberlee Apartments, 341 SE Lawrence
12 to 12:20 PM: Deer Creek Housing Units, 423 SE California
12:35 to 1 PM: Pine Ridge Apts, 2010 SE California

Families will be able to pick up the meals at the appointed locations during these times. Following CDC recommendations regarding physical distancing, The Salvation Army will encourage families to pick up the meals and return home to enjoy their lunches. Volunteers from The Salvation Army will follow all guidelines regarding food preparation and safety.

Anyone with questions may contact The Salvation Army at 785-233-9648.”

This is what we are all about. Helping people in need when a crisis occurs. If you are at all able to help out, please do.