Have You Been “Wining” More Over the Past Few Months?



It seems that more and more people have been “wining” lately. No, not the sound that a baby makes when it is hungry. I am talking about “wining” as in the use of wine.

According to an article that was posted on SWNS DIGITAL, a survey that was given to 2,000 people reveled that more people are starting to use wine for more than just drinking.  Let us call it a “wine awaking”

Here are some of the stats from the article:

Sixty-four percent of respondents used their time during quarantine to learn more about wine, and 66% of respondents said quarantine helped to mature their palate.

Wine lovers, new and old, also used the time to experiment with using wine in their cooking (39%) and to learn more about different types of wine (37%).

And learning more about wine paid off, as 45% now have a new favorite kind of varietal. Results revealed respondents’ favorite wine pre-quarantine was pinot grigio — while post-quarantine, rosé edged it out as the top pick.

Another trend is a virtual wine party. People are starting to take part in those, and I can see that trend continuing after this is all over. It is a safe way to hang out with friends and not worry about getting behind the wheel of a car.

Whatever way you enjoy your wine, make sure to do it responsibly. And have fun!!