Retirement Team Radio

No one knows everything, especially when it comes to getting right all the financial aspects of a successful retirement. It takes a team of professionals, each with specialized knowledge to make sure you are doing the best you can with the resources you have. Our firm boasts over 75 years of combined industry experience and has one simple goal—to help our clients live more enjoyable lives with a little help from smarter planning.


Roger Shumaker – President
Some financial firms don’t allow their representatives to give tax advice.
This is something Roger learned after beginning his career in 1987 and rising to the position of regional manager by 1993 at a large financial firm. That’s why, in 1996, he left and formed a truly independent firm that became The Retirement Team, so clients could receive unbiased guidance, not only on investments, but everything that plays a role in a successful retirement plan, like tax reduction, estate planning, Social Security optimization, managing possible long-term care costs, and much more.
This kind of holistic approach helps clients maximize their retirement income and legacy. By having more, clients can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying their retirement — it’s no wonder why The Topeka Capital-Journal readers voted him Best Financial Planner in the “Best of Topeka.”
Because Roger enjoys educating people on retirement topics, he produced a miniseries on PBS, has appeared several times on KTKA 49 to share tax reduction strategies, has written articles for The Topeka Capital-Journal, and in 2002 began a radio show with Jim Cates that eventually became “Retirement Team Radio.” Since he has the heart of a teacher, he’s also proudly a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro.
Ryan Shumaker – Investment Strategist
Too many investors pay too much in fees for investments with too high of risk and too low of return.

Ryan reached this conclusion while researching how and why the average investor only gets about half what the stock market returns when he was an instructor of economics at the University of Kansas, where he graduated from with honors. After studying how 87% of the largest and most successful institutions manage investments differently, he wanted to bring that same style of investing they use to the average retiree and helped develop the investment strategies known as FormulaFolios. These scientifically developed, mathematical portfolios help eliminate worry and emotions from investing with numerous built-in safety features that the average “buy-and-hold” investor doesn’t have. Instead of being told to “just hang in there” when markets and account values tumble, clients have the added peace of mind knowing that their money is monitored with redundant safeguards, including the revolutionary WealthGuard system.

Ryan still had an itch to continue teaching after leaving KU in 2007 to join The Retirement Team. After years away from the classroom, he recently began leading evening and weekend courses at Washburn to help retirees and pre-retirees discover how to overcome potential future tax increases and volatile markets as well as how to avoid costly financial products and Social Security mistakes. He’s also writing about these topics as a contributor to Forbes. With his passion for educating, it’s no surprise that he, too, is a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro. Ryan believes that a strong financial plan is the single most important tool for building a happy and relaxing retirement and helps clients make the sometimes daunting and confusing task of holistic and tax-efficient retirement planning and investing as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Susan Shumaker – Tax Strategist & Preparation
Many retirees face tax rates over 450% higher on some of their retirement income than they faced while working due to inefficient portfolios and retirement income plans that don’t account for taxes.
That’s why Susan heads up a team of tax professionals whose goal is to help our clients pay not only the least amount of taxes now, but also in the future. She has over two decades of experience in tax preparation and tax reduction planning and works closely with other members of our team to run easy-to-understand hypotheticals that visually show tax minimizing opportunities in retirement plans. The amount you’ve accumulated in your retirement accounts or the return you’re making on those accounts isn’t nearly as important as the amount you’re able to distribute and spend. With most retirees paying more than their fair share in taxes on retirement account withdrawals, the amount they can spend is being needlessly reduced. Susan and the rest of The Retirement Team are here to help stop that.

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